Omnidirectional (Spherical) Acoustic Transducers

An omnidirectional spherical acoustic transducerSpherical acoustic transducers are ideal for applications requiring a truly omnidirectional response. For most common transducer designs, the beam angle narrows at higher frequencies. (This may be useful for some applications. See Directional Acoustic Transducers.) Spherical transducers, on the other hand, are fully omnidirectional at any frequency. Systems designers often call on them for communications applications, such as acoustic modems, positioning systems and to serve as artificial targets.

The piezoelectric ceramic sphere used to build a spherical transducer offers other advantages. Inherently, spheres are mechanically robust. As a result, spherical transducers provide good depth ratings, often in excess of 1000m. They are also tolerant of explosive shock. Spherical acoustic transducers tend to provide a broadband response and high efficiencies.

We can design a spherical transducer to meet your frequency specification and can integrate a preamp to increase receive sensitivity. Housing, mounting, wiring, connector type and other mechanical and electrical characteristics can also be fully customized. Contact Sensor Technology Ltd. to discuss your specific requirements.

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