Ultrasonic Transducers

Acoustic transducers and ultrasonic transducers produce longitudinal pressure waves in the surrounding medium. Specifically, ultrasonic transducers are simply acoustic transducers operating at frequencies above 20 kHz. The mechanism by which they function and the techniques for designing and building them are the same.

Sensor Technology Ltd. makes custom ultrasonic transducers in a variety of designs and for almost any application. Aside from our low frequency acoustic transducers, which are not ultrasonic by virtue of operating in the audible range below 20 kHz, all the other transducers designs found on this web site are available in ultrasonic versions.

In general, as transducer frequency increases the directionality increases (i.e. the beam angle narrows). As a result, most ultrasonic transducers are directional. For omnidirectional ultrasonic transducers explore our line of spherical transducers. We have experience designing for frequency and beam angle, having built transducers with frequencies higher than 2 MHz and beam angles small than 1°.

If you’re looking for something specific, please contact us to discuss.