Towed Array & Seismic

Hydrophones for towed array streamers or seabed acquisition systems meet demands common to many marine seismic applications, including continuous immersion in isoparaffinic hydrocarbon fluids or sea water, and depth ratings to 2000 m (~6,500 ft) or more. Their response to changes in temperature and pressure has been characterized to ensure accurate measurements under widely varying operating conditions.

In general, these hydrophones are small, robust and relatively inexpensive, making them suitable for large volume deployments as well as a number of other applications, including leak detection and cetacean research. They have also been proven to be effective tools for land seismic applications.

We offer customized designs tailored to meet your requirements for:

  • capacitance
  • sensitivity
  • frequency range
  • beam pattern

We can also customize wires/pins, connectors and packaging to simplify integration with your system.

You can explore a few examples of our seismic hydrophones here or contact Sensor Technology Ltd. to discuss your specific requirements.