Transducer Engineer


Transducer Engineer

SensorTech is looking for a transducer engineer to join our team to assist in the design, development, and production of acoustic transducers for novel applications. This dynamic role will draw on acoustics knowledge, manufacturing experience, creativity, and persistence, as it requires developing new, complex, acoustic transducers in a short time frame. The role involves using computer simulations to design transducers (acoustic stacks with piezo-electric materials, matching layers, backing layers, electrical matching, and other crucial parameters, as well as linear and planar transducer arrays), and seeing the design through manufacturing process development.

The role requires collaboration with the SensorTech team and relies on pulling knowledge from many individuals to develop the best designs possible. The role may involve project management activities, such as task generation and delegation, preparing documents and reports, and communication with clients.


  • Work independently and as part of a team to develop acoustic transducers to meet given specifications – acoustic, electrical, mechanical.
  • Participate in prototyping of transducers as required. This may include the use of specialized manufacturing equipment.
  • Test products for conformance to specifications, including acoustic tank testing and electrical impedance testing. Analyze test data to summarize performance of acoustic transducers.
  • Debug, troubleshoot, and iterate designs to resolve issues and achieve acoustic performance improvements.
  • Participate in the optimization of transducer manufacturing – quality, cycle time, cost reductions.
  • Research opportunities in which products or processes may have the potential to be disruptive technology or new technology for future application.
  • Assess shortfalls in products, materials, and processes.
  • Compile documentation according to Sensor Technology’s and regulatory standards where required, including test reports, design documents, procedures, and status reports.
  • Coordinate the activities of technicians to optimize selected processes.
  • Work daily with quality, manufacturing engineering, and operations, providing improvement feedback and assisting with the resolution of quality and manufacturing issues.
  • Provide support to engineers and technicians in training, problem solving, product or process characterization, design and development, process efficiency improvements, and continuous improvement activities.
  • Mentor and coach peers in process characterization and continuous process or product improvements.


  • Engineer – B.Eng or equivalent.
  • Experience in transducer design and prototyping – have you designed or built a transducer before?
  • Experience with MATLAB, COMSOL, or equivalent transducer modelling software.
  • Extensive knowledge of analyzing transducer performance through acoustic testing with standard ultrasound equipment: research machines, impedance analyzers, hydrophones, test tanks, etc.
  • Apply analytical abilities to identify problems, develop appropriate solutions, and implement solutions with available resources to complete complex assignments.
  • Strong technical and detail-oriented writing skills.

About Us:

Sensor Technology Ltd. is your proven OEM partner for underwater acoustics. Our commitment is to design and deliver products tuned to our clients platforms for operational success. Throughout our 40 year history, Sensor Technology Ltd. has specialized in providing our clientele with innovative customized solutions with repeatable results, which has propelled us to become a global leader in piezoelectric-based acoustic tools.

Sensor Technology is a proudly Canadian company with an international customer base. In fact, 70% of our product is shipped internationally. Our vast experience with export regulations and requirements allows us to be a strategic partner in both dual-use and controlled goods. Our products are used primarily in the defence, energy, aquaculture, oceanographic and hydrographic industry sectors.

Our past success has been accredited to adhering to our three core values:

* Innovation – founded on research and design, Sensor Technology continues to focus to provide effective solutions for our clients.

* Knowledge – with almost 40 years of experience in the marketplace, clients can capitalize on past learnings and expertise to offer effective solutions.

* Customization – our hallmark is bespoke solutions. Our strength is to understand and offer innovative products that fit each unique need. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt and evolve with ever-changing demands in the industry.

Contact: Colleen Hodder @ [email protected]


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