Please join our CEO Niru Somayajula in this important discussion regarding women in Ocean Tech on September 16, 2020.

Women are significantly under-represented in the ocean industry, yet research shows that diverse teams perform better. Individuals from different genders, races, backgrounds and experiences bring different perspectives that lead to innovative solutions. With the number of jobs in ocean technology increasing, there’s more opportunity for women to not only gain entry in the ocean industry but to lead.

On Wednesday, September 16, we are talking with some of the most influential women in the ocean industry about their journey in the blue economy and the challenges faced by female workers who are considering ocean careers. Wendy Watson-Wright will lead the discussion with panelists Cheri Butt, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Women in Resource Development Corporation (WRDC), Sandra Greer, Corporate Director, ret’d President & CEO of Amirix/Vemco, Niru Somayajula, President & CEO of Sensor Technology Ltd, and Denise King, Vice President, Market Analysis, Planning and Support for Amirix Systems Inc.

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