Dear Customers and Colleagues,

We’d like to update you on how Sensor Technology is dealing with the recent COVID-19 developments.

We are taking extra measures where possible to protect our workforce and manufacturing sites. While we are being cautious, we are still operating business as usual.

We have always had an internal policy at SensorTech to keep multiple years worth of raw chemicals on hand to be able to manufacture our PZT powders. This policy hasn’t changed in decades, and will help us weather any raw material shortages in the coming weeks and months. For all other supplies, we are working closely with any suppliers to ensure our ability to procure parts and materials to keep up with manufacturing.

In the event that a significant portion of our staff become quarantined, there may be a chance that deliveries of product will be delayed. In this case, we will notify customers immediately. Our customer service team is always on call to answer any questions or concerns – please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Best Regards,

Niru Somayajula

President & CEO