Hydrophones Without A Preamplifier

Hydrophones without preamplifiers require no power. As a passive receiver they are excellent for long term monitoring applications and projects in remote terrestrial or deep sea locations where power availability is limited. And they often have simple designs that provide extended reliability and robustnessРboth valuable characteristics for industrial applications.

They offer a unique functionality as well: hydrophones without preamplifiers can generally be used as transmitters. Optimized designs eliminate compromises, producing a genuinely functional send and receive hydrophone. Unlike typical echosounder transducers, which use a piezoelectric disc and have a high directivity, these hydrophones use a ceramic cylinder (or “tube”), providing a frequency-dependent beam along the cylinder axis and an omnidirectional response in the perpendicular plane.

Sensor Technology Ltd. has a large number of existing hydrophone designs that do not include preamps, including spherical models and designs optimized for seismic applications. A small number of those are shown here. However, the potential applications are broad and so are the designs. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to find your ideal hydrophone.