May 07, 2020  

The Women Entrepreneurship Fund (WES) recently awarded Sensor Technology Ltd. – a leading custom piezoelectric and hydrophone producer – a $100,000 grant to support the expansion of the company into Atlantic Canada. The Women Entrepreneurship Fund exists to support the Government of Canada’s vision to encourage and elevate female entrepreneurs and business owners across the country.  

 The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy acts as a catalyst, propelling women in entrepreneurship and leadership roles by providing them with much needed access to financing, support networks and professional advice. The impact of this focus and investment will reap both economic and social rewards. 

 Humbled to be recognized with this grant, Sensor Technology Ltd. has been an industry leader in both the manufacturing of and thought leadership around custom ceramics and acoustics for more than 35 years. Niru Somayajula, President and CEO of Sensor Technology Ltd., places a high priority on both supporting and advancing female entrepreneurs and business owners, recognizing the need to have more women in leadership roles.   

 We are very honoured to be awarded with this grant. Given my position as a woman entrepreneur and business owner, the vision of the Women Entrepreneurship Fund is in perfect alignment with my vision for the organization, especially with our rapid expansion plans, both within Canada and internationally.” These funds will be instrumental in expanding our new manufacturing plant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  We’ve launched a new product line called First Gen Acoustics which lets the system integrator use our website to customize their own acoustic sensor that can be rapidly prototyped so they can validate their system designs quickly.

 About Sensor Technology Ltd. : Sensor Technology Ltd. provides piezoelectric solutions to companies around the globe. The company has been designing and manufacturing piezoelectric ceramic materials, custom acoustic transducers, and custom hydrophones since 1983. 

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“Proud recipient of support from the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.”

Fier bénéficiaire de l’appui du gouvernement du Canada à travers l’Agence fédérale de développement économique pour le Sud de l’Ontario.”