Acoustic Transducers


Piezoelectric Ceramics

Sensor Technology Ltd. (SensorTech) manufactures custom acoustic transducers. We work with our customers to design, prototype, and manufacture devices in both large and small volumes. Since 1983 we have developed hundreds of transducer designs, ranging from simple echo sounders to high channel count mine hunting systems. Our expertise extends beyond the marine environment, having developed transducers for use in high temperature air streams, city water mains and oil wells.

To date Sensor Technology Ltd. has shipped more than a million hydrophones. Each new model is designed from scratch or created by modifying an existing product. We’ve created unique hydrophones to meet the needs of a wide range of applications including sub-bottom imaging, land and marine seismic exploration, leak detection, trawl and seine monitoring and medical ultrasound.

SensorTech manufactures piezoelectric ceramic materials with a high level of consistency, shipment after shipment. Our formulations include lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics equivalent to Navy Types I, II, III, V and VI, as well as several proprietary piezoelectric materials with unique performance characteristics. We provide typical shapes in a wide range of sizes plus custom geometries  and electrode patterns to meet the needs of any application.

Sensor Technology Ltd.

We design and manufacture custom acoustic transducers, hydrophones and piezoelectric ceramics. We also provide hydrophone preamplifiers and transformers to simplify the process of integrating our sensor components into your systems. Explore the various sections of this site to see examples of our designs or read more about Sensor Technology Ltd.