Our products feature innovative, custom solutions for consistent, quality results.

Since 1983, Sensor Technology Ltd. has designed and manufactured a variety of products, including custom acoustic transducers, piezoelectric ceramic materials, and custom hydrophones. We take this experience and use it to provide innovative, custom solutions that ensure consistent, quality results.


Our products are used throughout the world and in a variety of industries, including energy, security and defense, maritime industries, commercial, and custom projects. While our products all boast exceptional functionality for a variety of uses, we are always looking for new and more effective ways to produce our range of options. We focus heavily on research and development, so we can continue to offer better product options to our client base.

In addition, we continue to build a strong foundation focused on providing custom solutions. We endeavour to develop a keen understanding of the industries we serve, as well as the needs of our clients, to provide state-of-the-art products that not only meet but exceed their intended use. We are passionate about partnering directly with our clients to develop unique solutions that bring enhanced efficiency and effectiveness to their applications.

We are eager to discuss your project needs and to go over what we offer in terms of piezoelectric materials, custom hydrophones, and acoustic transducers. Please contact us at Sensor Technology Ltd. to find out more about how we can support your company, wherever you are located.

  • Piezoelectric CeramicsIf piezoelectric ceramics are a critical component in the systems you design and build, you know how important it is for these products to deliver consistent performance, batch after batch.
  • Custom Acoustic TransducersOver the years, we have produced hundreds of ultrasonic transducer and acoustic designs to meet the requirements of companies building sonar, sub-bottom imaging, and oil well monitoring systems.
  • Custom HydrophonesFrom trawl and seine monitoring to marine seismic exploration, we have supplied custom hydrophones to many industries for a variety of applications.
  • Hydrophone PreamplifiersOur hydrophone preamplifiers can meet the needs of any project, thanks to our designs, which include energy-efficient options, solutions for ultra-low frequencies, and ultra-wide bandwidth applications.