Sensor Technology is a global leader in piezoelectric acoustic tools and systems. With over 35 years of experience, we specialize in working with our clients to provide innovative, customized solutions that provide repeatable results. Our market penetration is global in scope, and we specialize in these Industry Sectors – Defense, Aquaculture, Energy, Oceanography, Hydrography.

We are proud to have earned the trust of naval research groups and militaries around the globe and as a result, some of the planet’s most advanced detection, ranging and navigation systems rely on our products.

Growth in the aquaculture industry results in a need for acoustic technologies to monitor and manage these projects. We produce acoustic sensors and systems that are used in the aquaculture industry, such as seal deterrents, fish tagging, telemetry and noise monitoring.

The energy sector is constantly searching for new sub sea resources and our acoustic sensors are vital to the success of exploration efforts, seismic operations and offshore construction. With our knowledge and experience, we will help you push the boundaries and deliver next generation performance.

Our bespoke acoustic sensors are used to create highly reliable marine systems that are employed in oceans around the globe. Our custom acoustic transducers, hydrophones and piezoelectric ceramics are commonly used in underwater applications such as, marine mammal monitoring, underwater communications, passive acoustic monitoring, and more.

Thanks to technological advancements in hydrography, we are mapping more of our oceans every year. At Sensor Technology, we are producing sensors and systems that aid in acquiring hydrographic data such as, single beam sonars, side scan sonars, and custom sonars to equip remote and uncrewed underwater and surface vehicles.