Hard PZT

Piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) discSensor Technology Ltd. manufactures Navy Type I (PZT-8) and Navy Type III (PZT-4) lead zirconate titanate as BM402 and BM800 respectively. These are hard PZT with low dielectric loss.

BM800 – PZT-8 (Navy Type III)

With an extremely low loss factor and high quality factor, BM800 (Navy Type III) is the material of choice for the high power transducers required in applications such as ultrasonic welding and sonar transmitters.

BM402 – PZT-4 (Navy Type I)

BM402 (Navy Type I), commonly referred to as PZT-4, offers a valuable balance between hard PZT, such as BM800, and soft PZT. It combines a low dielectric loss with excellent piezoelectric properties, making it well suited for transmit / receive applications. BM402 provides performance comparable to that of other common PZT-4 materials, including Channelite-5400 PZT.


Our unique BM200 piezoelectric ceramic is the even harder than BM800 (Navy Type III). It is an excellent candidate for highly repetitive, quasi-static loads and extreme drive applications.

Common applications for hard PZT:

High-powered, active applications such as:

  • sonar projectors
  • depth sounders
  • communications
  • ultrasonic and megasonic cleaners

Download the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Sensor Technology Ltd.’s piezoelectric ceramics. You may use the SDS in place of the now outdated Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).