What You Send Out Comes Back

What You Send Out Comes Back

Since we went through our rebranding efforts in 2021, this quote has stuck with me as a pillar of our culture at
SensorTech. Doing what we say and saying what we do has become a firm ethos in our manufacturing environment, but
beyond that, giving back to our people and our community is important to us too.

However, none of our philanthropic efforts are new. What inspired this blog post was a photo my parents recently sent
me; a memory from 1989 of Dad and me at one of the many Terry Fox ‘Runs’ that we did together over the years.
Philanthropy came seemingly easy to my parents. We always made a point in those early days to either volunteer our
time or find other ways to give back, even when there wasn’t much extra to donate. I didn’t grow up in a terribly
religious household but doing what we could to help others was a foundational piece of our belief system.

In 2011, my family started the Prasad Family Foundation with the aim to increase the way we could help our
communities. It was another way to help the local hospital, animal shelters, support education through scholarships, and
countless other organizations that do such great things to help those in need.

Fast forward a decade and it’s all come full circle with the Prasad Family Foundation presently matching all of
SensorTech’s donations. The family has always believed that starting locally can have the most impact, and now with
two manufacturing locations for the business we’ve expanded our support to Nova Scotia where many of our employees
call home.

Supporting our communities that have helped support the growth of our business is just another way we live “What you
send out comes back”. Our challenge to you is to find a way to give back to your community, however you can. You can
find a list of the organizations that we support below.

– Niru Somayajula, President & CEO of Sensor Technology Ltd

Coldest Night of the Year 
Georgian Triangle HUMANE society
Collingwood Music Festival 
Collingwood Agricultural Society
Hospice Georgian Triangle
Hospice Halifax 
Elephant Thoughts 
Margaret House
Collingwood Climate Action Team
Back to the Sea 
Hope for Wildlife 
Oceana Canada 
Nova Scotia Mass Choir
My Friend’s House 
Blue Mountain Watershed Trust 
Canadian Cancer Society 

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