// Second Decade: Assembly takes off from 1993-2003  

// Second Decade: Assembly takes off from 1993-2003  

By the early 90’s, Sensor Technology was in the midst of several significant technical challenges, including an NRCC backed project for the Canadian Space Agency. Once the formulations were perfected, this provided the solid foundation for the company to expand its core business and broaden its offerings to assembled transmitters and receivers. With the positive trials performed on the space shuttle Columbia in collaboration with NASA, this solidified the belief to expand the company and forge into an innovative direction.  

Development of underwater sensors began, and an intensive discovery process revealed that a combination of highly specific technical methods was critical. Each stage of the process was susceptible to incredibly minor deviations all of which impacted the outcome. Everything from variation in humidity to barometric pressure could alter setup of encapsulation materials and performance of the ceramic itself. After multiple iterations of the procedures, by 1998 Sensor Technology had perfected these processes with repeatable results.   

The groundwork laid during the late 1980’s, based on the forward-thinking direction to expand into assembled products positioned the company as one of only five companies globally to offer in-house manufacturing of both the piezo ceramic sensor and fully encapsulated hydrophone. As a result of this incredible achievement, the company garnered recognition, not only from the Canadian Minister of Defence, but internationally as well. 

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