// Fourth Decade: Innovation & Expansion

// Fourth Decade: Innovation & Expansion

Sensor Technology was already an established worldwide piezo and hydrophone manufacturer. As the new CEO of the company, Niru prepared to diversify both product offerings as well as markets into which our acoustics could be sold. This direction required significant capital to expand the physical footprint in Collingwood, Ontario and procure necessary equipment to increase capacity. Marketing intelligence provided the evidence needed to broaden the scope and thus the daunting BD efforts began into new markets. 

The previous focus in the oceanographic energy sector expanded into hydrography, aquaculture, defence and oceanographic industries. The first step was to purchase a 5,000 sqft building beside the original two buildings in Collingwood, Ontario. This provided a dedicated state-of-the-art powder room large enough to house equipment needed to increase production. It became evident quite quickly that all areas of the ceramic processing also required additional space for new manufacturing resources.  

Given Sensor’s location off the shores of Georgian Bay in Collingwood, Ontario it became clear that our geographic location in the middle of the country presented a challenge. Given that most oceanatic-based companies are located on the coast, it was decided that the company should have a presence within the maritime community. An opportunity presented itself in early 2018. The newly constructed COVE (Center for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia would be dedicated to house companies operating in the ocean sector, and desk space was available. This was the answer. The seed was planted, and given enough water and light, it will grow…quickly! 

The desk at COVE expanded to include an office, and then a work bay. The decision was made to move the assembled goods division from Ontario to Nova Scotia. Our presence grew to include a production space, two bays and a boardroom. Connections quickly grew and opportunities followed. Sensor was welcomed into the Halifax community. Within a year of production brought new project development with partners, further growth was in the works and the search began for even more space. A second facility in Dartmouth’s Burnside area was the perfect location, and an additional 8000 sqft of space was secured.  

Growth and expansion continue to be the driving force as the company continues to increase its presence in the blue economy. With the decades of premium piezo-ceramic production as the foundation, the company has had opportunities to collaborate with customers to design new products and new product lines. The renewable energy sector in Offshore Wind is an emerging sector with exponential growth. Development of products which are relevant to assist with the many new opportunities has been underway with no signs of slowing.  

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