Investing in the Next Generation of Blue Economy Entrepreneurs

Why are we doing this?

After being in business for nearly four decades, we want to invest in the future of our blue economy through the mentorship of new entrepreneurs pursuing future technology. With this program, we will offer young companies a real-world opportunity to work with a well-established manufacturer to gain insights into how companies run from top to bottom. We believe that these young companies will offer new ideas and new technologies that will not only make our industry stronger – but also diverse.

What is it?

1. Sensor Technology & ACOA will offer a 9 month program to set the entrepreneur up for success. Business Coaching paired with Manufacturing Coaching with real world examples.
2. Some Cash to offset costs.
3. Access to Sensor Techonologies vast network of like-minded OceanTech companies to foster collaboration and growth.
4. Introduction to coaching and peer mentor groups where young entrepreneurs can lean on other likeminded entrepreneurs in a confidential setting.

How does it work?

Applicants will submit an Expression of Interest in early 2022 to Sensor Technology. ST staff and partners will sub-select several applicants and work with them to develop a short presentation that will be hosted across Canada through June 2022. Business Leaders, and Industry Experts will be our judges during the hosted events to not only watch the presentations but speak with the candidates about their businesses and ideas. Judges will make recommendations of their top choices, final selection done by Sensor Technology by June of 2022 with official program kick-off in September of 2022.