Piezoelectric Ceramics

If piezoelectric ceramics are a critical component in the systems you design and build, you know the importance of receiving ceramics that give you consistent performance, batch-after-batch. And when your customers expect you to meet your shipping deadlines, you need a supplier that delivers on time.

Piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) Striped TubeFor more than 30 years Sensor Technology Ltd. has been exporting piezoelectric ceramics to customers in countries around the globe. Whether a 5 piece prototype batch or a 50,000 piece production run, we provide reliable & consistent ceramic parts, shipped on time.

We custom manufacture piezoelectric ceramics in a wide range of sizes, from miniscule 2.0 mm (0.080”) tubes to long 178 mm (7”) bars. We can hold tight tolerances on size, form (flatness, concentricity, parallelism, etc.), resonance frequency, anti-resonance and capacitance.

Consistent Piezoelectric Ceramics, Shipment-After-Shipment

Consistent piezoelectric ceramics come from a tightly controlled production process. Our piezoelectric powders are made in an environmentally controlled production facility. We qualify all our raw material inputs prior to use. We monitor and log each production step. We maintain full traceability, from the finished piezoelectric ceramic back to the ingredients from which it was made. Quality is our number one objective.

Whether you are looking for a new piezoelectric ceramic supplier, a secondary source to help mitigate supply risk or an experienced team to provide a unique solution, Sensor Technology Ltd. can help. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Download the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Sensor Technology Ltd.’s piezoelectric ceramics. You may use the SDS in place of the now outdated Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Piezoelectric Ceramics: Production Capabilities

Our production capabilities are broad. We can manufacture any piezoelectric ceramic shapes typically found in industrial use today. These include discs (slugs), washers (rings), bars (blocks, plates) and tubes (cylinders).


piezoelectric ceramic disc
Disc (Slug)
piezoelectric ceramic washer
Washer (Ring)
piezoelectric ceramic block
Bar (Block, Plate)
piezoelectric ceramic tube
Tube (Cylinder)

(Electrodes are indicated as a grey surface.)

Piezoelectric Ceramic Manufacturing Capabilities (Max. / Min. Dimensions)
piezoelectric ceramic tube dimensionsOD110 mm (4.330")2 mm (0.080")
L>50 mm (>2")0.15 mm (0.006")
piezoelectric ceramic plate dimensionsL 178 mm (7")0.15 mm (0.006")
W 97 mm (3.8")0.15 mm (0.006")
H32 mm (1.25")0.15 mm (0.006")
piezoelectric ceramic disc dimensionsOD 152 mm (6")2 mm (0.080")
T32 mm (1.25")0.15 mm (0.006")
piezoelectric ceramic hemisphere dimensionsOD 102 mm (4")4.3 mm (0.170")

Piezoelectric Ceramics: Unique Geometries

We can make almost any shape your application may require. Advanced geometries include hemispheres, spheres and bevelled bars for assembly of large free flooded rings. (Electrodes can be placed so that on the final, assembled ring they land on the inner and outer faces or on the abutting ceramic faces, as described in “Piezoelectric and Acoustic Materials for Transducer Applications“.) Other common requests include chamfers, rounded edges and tubes with an offset inner diameter.

piezoelectric ceramic block with bevelled sides
Bevelled Bar
piezoelectric ceramic hemisphere

Electrodes, Poling and Shear Mode Ceramics

Our electrode material of choice is silver. We can polarize our ceramics in shear mode and can provide shear mode pieces with a solderable electrode.

Electrodes: Vertical and Horizontal Segmentation

Vertically segmented electrodes are common in actuator applications such as atomic force microscopy (AFM). The tube position is controlled by driving the four electrodes independently. Horizontally segmented tubes can provide acceleration cancelling in hydrophones when properly mounted.

piezoelectric ceramic tube with vertically segmented electrode
Vertical Segments
piezoelectric ceramic tube with horizontally segmented electrode
Horizontally Segmented Tube

Electrodes: Wrap-Around

Wrap-around electrodes put both a positive and a negative electrical contact on one side of the ceramic. With both wire connections on one face, the other face of the ceramic is left clear to be mounted firmly against a flat surface. This type of electrode is typical of several simple transducer designs including basic echo sounders, NDT / NDE transducers and acoustic emissions sensors.

piezoelectric ceramic disc with square wrap-around electrode tab
Square Tab
piezoelectric ceramic disc with circular wrap-around electrode tab
Circular Tab
piezoelectric ceramic disc with wrap-around electrode
Full Wrap-Around Electrode

The electrode can be wrapped around either the corner or end of a block / plate. On tubes the inside electrode can be wrapped around one end, to the outside.

piezoelectric ceramic block with wrap-around electrode
Wrap-Around Electrode on a Plate
piezoelectric ceramic tube with wrap-around electrode
Wrap-Around Electrode on a Tube

Electrodes: Edge Relief

Edge relief removes the electrode near the edge of the ceramic. This helps eliminate arcing across the electrodes on thin discs or plates. In product designs that mount the ceramic near a conductive material, edge relief eliminates a short circuit.

piezoelectric ceramic disc with edge relief
Edge Relief on a Thin Disc
piezoelectric ceramic tube with edge relief
Edge Relief on a Tube