The Launch Of A New Website & Logo

The Launch Of A New Website & Logo


I am excited to share that Sensor Technology is launching a rebrand with a new logo and website today.

Our brand update and website modernization are intended to reinforce and extend our founding principles – the passionate pursuit of technological innovation informed through diligent research and listening to the industry and our customers.  From our founding in 1983, the market has embraced our groundbreaking acoustic products supported by world-class quality, service, and reliability.

As recent times have reminded us, personal interaction is an integral part of the human and business experience. We’ve had to engage with each other in new and innovative ways to ensure we nurture and develop these connections.  In considering more effective communications during these challenging times, we believe our products have always addressed a myriad of challenges and needs in each market segment.

We wanted to share that we have enhanced our abilities with additional products, capabilities, and solutions.  Our website redesign emphasizes the dialogue we want to encourage with the market, industry segments, and everyone we engage with.  You’ll note an emphasis on illustrating the many ways our products and solutions are tailored to your specific industry, environment and needs.  We are evolving beyond an industry supplier to that of an industry educator, partner delivering turnkey solutions.

Our updated logo demonstrates our intent to build and deepen relationships with enhanced communications and a broader set of products, capabilities, and services.   Hence the move from a pulse of energy to waves radiating into the market.

“What you send out comes back” – this quote has been hanging in our office for some time now. It has become our unofficial mantra, and it means a lot to me. I believe to my core that the ethos we send out in life and business finds its way back to us, and this is how I want to run my company. We aspire to do great work, foster innovation, and treat our employees, customers, and suppliers with a certain respect that we know will eventually find its way back. We need that now more than ever. Above all else, this rebrand was an opportunity to showcase who we are – our personality, vibrancy, and ethos.

We hope you enjoy the new look of Sensor Technology. We are excited to reveal it.

Niru Somayajula

President & CEO

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