This PDF library contains publications from the R&D department. Our research is broad so the papers cover a very wide range of subjects, including properties of various piezoelectric ceramics, hydrophone and sonar applications, smart structures, active vibration control and actuators. These papers tend to be highly technical.

Design, Modeling and Closed Loop Control of a Complementary Clamp Piezoworm Stage (2008-03)

Development and Assessment of a Piezoworm Stage for use in an XY Configuration (2008-02)

Use of Impedance Measurements for Crack Detection in Moderately Soft Piezoelectric Ceramics (2008-01)

Characterization of a Piezoworm Stage (2007-02)

Development of Barium Doped Lead Magnesium Niobate based Ceramics (2007-01)

Design considerations for Complimentary Inchworm Actuators (2006-05)

Application of Spatial Control Techniques for Active Vibration Control (2006-04)

Effect of cyclic electric fields on crack growth in a moderately hard piezoelectric ceramic (2006-03)

Effect of cyclic electric fields on crack growth in a moderately soft piezoelectric ceramic (2006-02)

Piezoelectric and Dielectric Constants for Compliance Matrix (2006-01)

Internally biased PZT materials for high-power sonar transducers (2005-06)

Design and Modelling of an Electrostrictive Actuator (2005-05)

Dynamic Modeling of a Complementary Clamp Piezoworm Actuator (2005-04)

A Smart Hydrophone for Underwater Acoustics (2005-03)

Development of Piezoelectric Ceramic Composites (2005-02)

Application of Piezoelectrics to Smart Structures (2005-01)

Design considerations for complementary inchworm actuators (2004-04)

Perimeter Security Detection System (2004-03)

Crack growth in PMN-PT piezoelectric ceramics by cyclic electric fields (2004-02)

Complementary inchworm® actuator for high-force high-precision applications (2004-01)

A linear high-voltage high-power amplifier for use with piezoelectric actuators (2003-05)

Crack growth in piezoelectric ceramics by cyclic electric fields (2003-04)

Design tools for piezoelectric actuated inchworm positioners (2003-03)

Application of µ-synthesis active vibration control technique to a smart fin (2003-02)

Application of H infinity Active Vibration Control in Smart Structures (2003-01)

Active vibration control of a smart plate (2002-08)

A configurable control system for smart structure research (2002-07)

Active stabilization of bandpass filter with multilayer piezoelectric actuators (2002-06)

Measurement of strain and polarization in piezoelectric and electrostrictive actuators (2002-05)

An x-ray diffraction study of PMN–PT ceramics in the region of the relaxor transition (2002-04)

Deployable sonar systems for underwater communications (2002-03)

An x-ray diffraction study of pmn-pt ceramics near the morphotropic phase boundary (2002-02)

Biased PZT materials for acoustic transducers (2002-01)

Flexural brake mechanism for inchworm actuator (2001-02)

Active vibration control of a smart beam (2001-01)

Development of high-strain low-hysteresis actuators using electrostrictive lead magnesium niobate (PMN) (2000-01)

Utilization of smart structures in enhanced satellites (1999-02)

The role of smart materials and structures in robotics (1998-02)

Active Noise and Vibration Control (1998-01)

Piezoelectric Materials and Their Applications Part 1. Definitions and Measurements (1996-01)

Piezoelectric Materials and Their Applications Part 2. Materials and Characteristics (1996-01)

Application of Piezoelectric Materials Part 3. Applications (1996-01)

Vibration Suppression in a cantilever beam (1995-02)

Ceramic sensors and actuators for smart structures (1995-01)

Plasma sprayed lead zirconate titanate glass composites (1994-01)

An Ultrasonic Anemometer (1992-04)

End Capped Hydrophones for underwater sound detection (1992-03)

Piezoelectric glass composites (1992-02)

Stress isolation in Lead Zirconate Titanate composites (1992-01)

Electrode Adhesion Tests & Soldering (1991-05)

Effect of Electrode Materials on Measured Piezoelectric Properties of Ceramics and Ceramic-Polymer Composites (1991-01)

Dielectric Properties and Aging of Modified Lead titanate Ceramics (1987-01)

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